Why should I list my brands / products in OSM?

As OSM focused on building an e-commerce community for Sellers to join OSM and buy their stock through OSM, it also means that the more Sellers in OSM, the more marketing staff you as a Supplier is reaching out. Imagine that we currently have about 500 sellers in OSM, you are reaching out to 500 marketing staff to promote your brand / product to nationwide the moment you list your products in OSM.

What is the objective of OSM ?

OSM aims to complete an e-commerce ecosystem. The main requirements for a successful e-commerce ecosystem involve suppliers, merchants and sellers. By using a same system for all parties, OSM provides an easier way to order and track stock to support suppliers. OSM inventory and reporting support supplier’s growth and also provide opportunity for sellers to get proper training and start up their online business with zero risk and low fund.

What are the advantages of using the OSM Solution system?

Easy to Access

OSM allows both Suppliers/Merchants and Sellers to easily access our system for tracking products, cost price and stock level. Sellers do not need to contact Suppliers/Merchants for stock information which requires more procedures and extra time for both parties. Besides that, OSM allows Suppliers/Merchants and Sellers themselves to access the inventory system with different permissions. It is easy to organize and monitor than traditional inventory system.

Real-time Inventory

This feature of OSM can directly benefit the franchise business and those who required checking stock frequently. It is absolutely benefiting companies who are facing difficulties in transmitting data within two or more branches. Once data is stored in our system, it does not require re-entering all information for particular inventory and it will be automatically updated by scanning the barcode of the product.

Complete and Ready Ordering System

Once a product has been added into the cart in OSM, system will send a proforma invoice to the Seller. At the same time, the particular product will be locked for that Seller (1 day). After admin confirms the order and payment, the system will generate a tax invoice for the particular seller.Suppliers/Merchants do not need to worry about doing manual ordering and invoicing, chasing payment for unpaid purchase order where you just need to focus on supplying your stock. In general, OSM is able to shorten the entire selling procedure, process and more convenient to communicate without limitations of country boundary and time difference.

Any charges for using OSM Solution?

There is no joining fee, maintenance fee, subscription fee, etc. OSM is only taking a total of 10% processing fee from the PROFIT of both parties upon successful order made. Kindly refer to the below table for illustration:

*It is up to Suppliers to set the Prices and Profit Distribution. Retail Price refers to recommended market selling price.

**Supplier will receive a settlement amount after deducting OSM’s fee on every order.

Are there any restriction on product to list in OSM?

All products listed in OSM should be authentic products. OSM will carry out a reviewing process of your company before approving your account to list products here. Should there be any issues discovered on your product listing, OSM has the rights to delist your product until sufficient supporting documents are provided and issue is solved.

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