What are advantages of joining as an OSM’s Seller?

ZERO stock capital

OSM Solution emphasizes on low cost, zero risk policy, allowing sellers to purchase their goods more easily and overcome inventory shortage issue. No MOQ requirements, no loss on currency exchange, no more long waiting for dropshipping or preorder selling and no more out of stocks issues! OSM lowers all your risk in stocks purchasing where you just need to focus on your selling. Get access to over thousands types of products and start selling today!

Real-Time Inventory

OSM provides you the live online ordering system as well as tracking stock status services. Once a product has been added into the cart in OSM, system will send a proforma invoice to you. Items you ordered will be locked for the next 24hr. Once admin confirms the order and payment, system will generate a tax invoice for you. Seller gets to access to these services anytime and anywhere which helps you to increase your selling income by offering timely service and delivery to your customers.

Visibility of Cost Price

The unique selling point of OSM is allowing sellers to view products cost price. You can check the inventory level and cost price of inventory before making purchasing decision. This ‘transparency’ is definitely the unique selling point of OSM which you cannot find it elsewhere. At the same time, system will indicate product cost whether it increases, decreases or remains the same.

Free Support and Trainings

OSM e-commerce community is for anyone working with e-commerce within Malaysia. We have a social networking among sellers by giving opportunity to all sellers to meet each other, sharing hot selling products as well as sales experience. In return, Sellers can freely use our M-Studio and photo shooting equipment as a reward for their effort of sharing. Join us and meet experienced e-commerce expertise through OSM’s ongoing ecommerce workshops and sharing classes.

How much am I earning as a Seller?

Seller is earning a net amount from Seller’s Profit after deducting the OSM processing fee which is automatically calculated in our system upon checking out from your stock order.

Kindly refer to the below table for illustration:

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