Why OSM Solution

At OSM, we train, educate and create professional sellers to all over the country.Our aim is to simplify the process between the supplier and sellers with the use of OSM solution to create an e-commerce ecosystem in malaysia

It is free, mobile-friendly which can easily be used at anytime, anywhere and is the one and only system created for sellers as well as suppliers . Soon, it will be a platform that allow everyone to be in touch with e-commerce

what is the objective of OSM ?

OSM aims to complete an e-commerce ecosystem. The main requirements for a successful e-commerce ecosystem involve suppliers, merchants and sellers.By using a same system for all parties, OSM provides an easier way to order and track stock to support suppliers. OSM inventory and reporting support supplier’s growth and also provide opportunity for sellers to get proper training and start up their online business with zero risk and low fund.

I wish to sell online, but I do not have capital to buy stocks

Join OSM! OSM Solution emphasizes on low cost, zero risk policy, allowing sellers to purchase their goods more easily and overcome inventory shortage issue.

Through OSM, Sellers are able to purchase their desired goods even in small quantity of goods. They can check the inventory level and cost price of inventory before making purchasing decision. This ‘transparency’ is definitely the unique selling point of OSM.

I'm a supplier, why should I use OSM ?

OSM Solution provides an Online Stock Management (OSM) services in Malaysia, with SAAS concept to help Malaysia’s suppliers/merchants to have new method for managing their stock.

OSM replaces current traditional stock managing system, dominating Malaysia online stock management services. We simplify the steps of ordering, supplying and managing stocks, with proper invoices and P.O. for clients/customers with immediate updated stock.

OSM offers SMEs or self-employers with a supporting service to reach out Sellers to market your products nationwide. Imagine we have over 500 sellers in OSM now, it means you have hired 500 marketing staff to promote your brand/product nationwide readily

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